Welcome to Toronto's Little Hawaii

It's a cozy, home based spa in North York.

The entrance is through a Spa-only side door (there’s a Hawaiian sign beside the door) and once you enter it leads directly into the Spa.

So you can be assured of privacy while experiencing a relaxed time and some tea at the Spa surrounded by a Hawaiian atmosphere.

The Spa has a shower and powder room for your convenience. Parking is also available.

The products that are mainly used during spa sessions are from a brand where 80% of its ingredients are organically grown in Canada. These products are specially obtained through licenses that are available only to Spas where the esthetician can directly observe their clients’ skin.

For massage, we use oils such as pure jojoba oil or sesame oil that warms the skin and protects from the sun.

The essential oils we use are all organic and therapy level and of the highest grade not used at other spas, and well suited for delicate skin.


Your skin is important.

We do counseling, so please feel free to discuss anything with us. The initial appointment is treatment time plus 30 minutes

(For checking your skin and to discuss what you’d like from the treatment). To allow a relaxed time for each client, we limit appointments to two clients a day – at 11am and 8pm.

It may be possible to book an appointment at a different time depending on the schedule for a particular day, so please feel free to inquire. When booking an appointment, it would be appreciated if a number of possible dates/times are provided. We will check for available appointments and get back to you as soon as possible.

As a waiting room is unavailable, we kindly ask that you not bring others with you (small children are ok). Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Aika Spa

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